In the Picture (L-R):Pujari Sukhadham Janardan Mulye; Shiva Subramaniam; Trustee Harichandra Mahatre; Managing Trustee Anil Gawand; Architect Suresh Mahtre; Pujari Jayaram Nimkar; K.Shankar.

4:30 AM: The Devi bathes. The Abhishek is done in the name of various devotees with honey, milk, coconut water or rosewater, depending on the type of Abhishek performed. Then different slokas are chanted like the Devi Sukhtam or Shree Sukhtam. Then the Devi is elaborately dressed and decorated.
6:00 AM: The lamp is lighted. Aarthi is conducted. Poojas and archanas are done in between, and prasad is offered to the devotees. This duty is performed throughout the day.
12:30 PM: The temple closes.
4:00 PM: The temple doors open again in the evening for the devotees.
8:00 PM: The last Aarthi of the day is given.
9:30 PM: The temple closes for the day.

Gudi Padwa or New Year Pooja is performed this day of the Maharashtra New Year.
Chaitra Poornima A period when the Navratri Festival starts. Shri Sukta Abhishek and a Havan is performed in the morning and the evening. On the Chaitra Poornima day a Palki  with the Devi in it is takes around tha area. It is believed that the Devi likes to meet her devotees on this day.
Ashalekadashi Pooja is performed on this day
Adi Masam This falls in the months of June-July. It is a South Indian festival where Durga Abhishek is performed on four Fridays.
Vat Poornima On this day a pooja is performed on the sacred tree outside the temple. The tree was first planted inside the temple compound. Today it has been carefully replanted outside the temple compound. People pray to the tree every year.
For the rest of the year, poojas are also conducted on Naag Panchami, Gokulashtami, Ganesh Jayanti, five days of Navratri Poojas and Holi.

Mahashankaranti is celebrated in January. The spiritual cycle continues with the beginning of a New Year.


The Temple Trust is also involved in social service. It has facilities like libraries, meditation and yoga centres for people to meditate and attain inner peace. The temple plans to undertake medical, educational and rehabilitation projects to help the poor and needy.