Dasha Mahavidya
Kali Chhinnamasta
Tara Dhumavati
Tripura Sundari Bagalamukhi
Bhuvaneshwari Matangi
Bhairavi Kamalatmika

Excerpts from ‘Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses’, by Dr. David Frawley
Published by Motilal Banarsidas Publishers Private Ltd., Delhi

Dasha Mahavidya means the “Ten Great Knowledges.” They reveal the inner workings of both the universe and the psyche, once the veil of appearances is pulled down.  They represent the deeper truths of life hidden behind our attachment to the outer forms of things.  Their messages are sometimes inspiring and sometimes frightening because they represent life itself, but they ara always instructive to those who are looking for something beyond the ordinary realm.

Each of the Ten Forms of the Goddess represents a particular approach to Self-realization, to Knowledge of that within us which transcends time and transient identity.  Yet each of the ten has within itself many layers.  Unless we are willing to look deeply, we may become caught in a secondary aspect of the form or function of the Goddess.  As the representatives of powerful cosmic forces, the Goddesses can be approached to gain health, wealth, fame or other ordinary goals of life.  However if we approach them with a selfish intention, their inner powers cannot come forth. We cannot manipulate these deep cosmic forces, we can only benefit from them if we honor the wisdom at their origin.  Hence these Knowledge Forms should not to be approached superficially or casually.  For them to really work, we must first surrender to the Divine Mother herself and gain her grace.  It is her power, her Yoga Shakti that does the work.  We can be receptive to its current and learn its rhythms, but we cannot direct its flow.  We must not try to use these teachings out of personal willfulness, or they will not be liberating for us.